Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region

During my backpacking trips over the past few decades, I have discovered many rock art sites.  In order to preserve and protect these sites, I have decided to not include them in my trip reports, except for those few sites that are very well known.  But some of them are so spectacular that I wanted to post the photos without reference to their location.  I have organized these photos by rock art sites, listed by names.  Some of these sites do not have established names, so I have given them a name that usually indicates their general location only.  I have included many photos of rock art that are not much to look at, but I wanted to include almost everything, more for completeness and my own record keeping than anything else.  These photos were all shot with either inexpensive point-and-shoot cameras, or an iPhone.  Many of the photos have been modified with Photo Shop.  I was more concerned with seeing the details than getting realistic colors.  For more information on Grand Canyon rock art, I recommend Rock Art of the Grand Canyon Region by Christensen, Dickey, and Freers.


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Ghost Rock Hopi Clan Rocks Sowats Canyon
Steck's Picto Camp Indian Hollow Ranger Trail Pothole Camp
Shaman's Gallery Esplanade Near Tuckup Trail Kwagunt Hollow
Flipoff & Room of Doom Red Deer Four Cairns
Nankoweap Red Dog Guillotine
Candyman Black Deer Hades
Bird Redwall Below Jumpup Point Rabbit Hole
Atlas Cat (Panther) Counting
Like & Turret


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