Day 4

Boucher Beach to Hermit Creek Camp


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  5.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  800 feet

    Elevation Loss:  200 feet

Today would be our longest day so far, although tomorrow's hike to the rim would be longer and have more elevation gain.  The hike back to our camp on Boucher Creek was an easy stroll, gaining only 220 feet.  But from there to the turnoff to the Boucher Trail we gained an additional 600 feet in only 0.8 miles. 

Once on the Tonto Trail, the going was easy and mostly level, with lots of small ups and downs.  Although a lot of people think the Tonto Trail is too monotonous and has too many long detours to get around side drainages, I like the Tonto for the awesome views.


Hiking Up Boucher Creek. Finally on the Tonto Trail. View From Tonto Trail.

View NW from Tonto Trail. Brianna on the Tonto Trail. Brianna on the Tonto Trail.

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