Index to Grand Canyon Treks


Date Trip Name
April, 2023 150-Mile to Tuckup via Tuckup Trail
October, 2022 Snake Gulch Via Toothpick Canyon (Kanab Creek Wilderness)
March, 2022 150-Mile to Esplanade Point Above Upset Rapids  
October, 2021 Tuckup Trail: Toroweap to Tuckup Canyon  
April, 2021 Sick in Kanab Creek Wilderness  
March/April, 2020 Esplanade Rock Art Search - Take 2  
October, 2019 Kanab Creek Wilderness  
March, 2019 Esplanade: Chamberlain Route to Scotty's Route  
October, 2018 Esplanade Rock Art Search  
March, 2018 Esplanade Below Kanab Point  
October/November, 2017 Kanab Creek Wilderness  
April, 2017 Kanab Point Trail & Rescue
April, 2017 Tuckup Trail Below Boysag Point
October, 2016 Deer Creek - Kanab Creek Loop
October, 2016 New Hance to Grandview Via Asbestos and Vishnu Canyons
April, 2016 Jumpup-Sowats Solo
April, 2015 Surprise Canyon Loop
October/November, 2014 Kanab Creek Wilderness
October, 2014 Surprise Canyon - Western Grand Canyon
April, 2014 Sowats to Snake Gulch + Climb Fishtail Mesa
February/March, 2014 Grandview to Hermit
October/November, 2013 Esplanade in Kanab Creek Wilderness via Flipoff
October, 2013 Tanner to New Hance via Escalante Route
April, 2013 Nankoweap to Phantom
October/November 2012 Salt Trail to Red Canyon - revisited
March/April 2012 New Hance to Asbestos to Vishnu to Clear Creek to Phantom  
October/November, 2011 Royal Arch via Point Huitzil - revisited  (report from Richard Perry)
October 2011 Solo: Tanner, Lava, Chuar and Carbon
March, 2011 The Gems: South Bass to Boucher - revisited - incomplete
October, 2010 Nankoweap, Kwagunt, and Malgosa
March, 2010 Indian Hollow via Flipoff + Circumambulation of Fishtail Mesa
March, 2010 Grandview and Bright Angel with Brianna
November, 2009 Solo Exploration:   Indian Hollow, Ojojojo, Sowats, Jumpup, and Racetrack Knoll
October, 2009 Steck's Deer Creek / Kanab Creek Loop - revisited
October, 2008 North Kaibab to Upper Phantom via Utah Flats, return via Cattle Trail
March, 2008 Supai to Matkatamiba - Aborted Loop
October, 2007 Tanner to Palisades, then Escalante Route to Grandview - incomplete
April, 2006 Monument Point, Crazy Jug, Stone and Galloway - incomplete
March, 2006 Boucher/Hermit Loop with Brianna
Nov/Dec, 2005 Solo: New Hance (Red Canyon), Tonto, Grandview - incomplete
October, 2005 Royal Arch Loop via Pt. Huitzil - revisited - incomplete
October, 2004 The Gems: South Bass to Boucher - revisited
April/May, 2004 Swamp Point, Saddle Canyon, Stone and Galloway - incomplete
March, 2004 Brianna's First GC Backpack: S. Kaibab, Phantom, Bright Angel
October, 2003 Royal Arch Loop via Pt. Huitzil - revisited
April/May, 2003 The Gems: S. Bass to Hermit - incomplete
March/April, 2003 Steck's Tuckup / Stairway Loop - revisited - incomplete
April, 2002 Salt Trail to Red Canyon via Escalante Route - revisited - incomplete
Mar/Apr, 2001 Supai to Great Thumb
October, 2000 Shinumo to Eminence Break
April, 2000 Royal Arch Loop via Pt. Huitzil - incomplete
November, 1999 Clear Creek - incomplete
October, 1999 Steck's Tuckup / Stairway Loop - incomplete
May, 1999 Nankoweap via Marian-Seiber Route, exit via 49.9 - incomplete
October, 1998 Sowats Point, Kanab Creek, Scotty's Hollow, Esplanade to 150-Mile
April, 1998 Solo: The Gems - S. Bass to Boucher - incomplete
April, 1995 Marble Canyon Redwall via Mitchell and Buckfarm
May, 1992 North Bass Trail and Shinumo Amphitheater - incomplete
November, 1991 Solo: Grandview, Tonto, S. Kaibab, Bright Angel
Sept/Oct, 1991 Steck's Phantom Creek / Crystal Creek Loop
June/July, 1991 Powell Plateau
April, 1991 Salt Trail to Red Canyon via Escalante Route - incomplete
October, 1990 Circumambulation of Powell Plateau
May, 1990 Steck's Tapeats Creek / Kanab Creek Loop -incomplete
March, 1990 Hermit, Tonto, Bright Angel Trails -incomplete
October, 1989 A Close Call: Steck's Tapeats Creek / Kanab Creek Loop
October, 1987 My First Grand Canyon Backpack - Thunder River and Deer Creek -incomplete
November, 1986 My First Day Hike Below the Rim - South Bass Trail to Esplanade. -incomplete

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