Day 4

March 2, 2014

Lonetree to Indian Garden


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  10.1 miles

    Elevation Gain:  900 feet

    Elevation Loss:  800 feet

Today was expected to be long and waterless.  But the weather was much improved -- we had cool, but beautiful weather, with lots of puffy, white clouds.  It was perfect hiking weather. 

Bruce's shin and ankle were very swollen, but he could still get his boot on.  He thought he could hike without too much trouble. 


Morning at camp. Zoroaster Temple (upper left). Zoroaster Temple (upper left).

The views along the Tonto are fantastic, especially on a clear day like today.  We wound are way around the head of Cremation Canyon at mid morning and arrived at the Tipoff in time for lunch.    The Tipoff is where we cross the South Kaibab Trail coming from the rim and heading for Phantom Ranch.

Granite Gorge from Tonto Trail. Taking a Break in the Shade. Zoroaster Temple from the Tipoff.

Looking West Towards Tower of Set. View Westward Across Plateau Point. Approaching Indian Garden.

We arrived at Indian Garden in mid-afternoon.  We retrieved our cache and asked the ranger if they wanted our buckets.  He was glad to have them, and we were glad we didn't need to carry them out. 

Bruce's ankle was still very swollen and he wrapped it again in an ace bandage for the night.

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