Day 7

October 26, 2011

Solo Exploration:  Lava, Chuar, and Carbon

Around 1:30 it began to sprinkle, so I moved under the rock.  But it didnít rain very much.  I got up at 6:30, and after a leisurely breakfast, I started out at 7:30.  No rush today.  I soon came to 75-mile saddle and looked again for the pedometer, again without success.  Soon after the saddle the trail steepens.  On the way up I met two runners who were out for a morning run to the saddle and back, and then two older guys heading for Phantom, the first day of their 9-day trek.  A little later I ran into 4 young backpackers who were planning on doing the Escalante Route and exiting via the Grandview Trail.  It was cold and cloudy with a few snowflakes falling.  I made it to the rim and back to my car around 11:00. 

I now had an extra day before I would meet up with my friends for another trip, this time to Royal Arch via Pt. Huitzil.  But I was glad to have the extra time.  I wanted to get new hiking pole tips (mine completely wore off), a new camera, new dromedary, as well as more bagels and cheese for my next trip.    I headed for Tusayan and checked into the Best Western.

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