Day 3

October 30, 2012

Beamer Trail: LCR to Palisades Creek

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Today was expected to be relatively easy -- we would now be on a trail, and we only had 5 or 6 miles to get to Palisades Creek, our destination for the day.  Palisades Creek is also where our cache was located.  Thanks Bert.

Beginning of the Beamer Trail. Hiking Along the Beamer Trail. Chuar Butte.

I love the section of the Beamer Trail between the LCR and Palisades.  For the most part the trail stays a couple of hundred feet above the river, providing spectacular views and easy hiking.  At some point along the trail, the old Hopi route drops through the Tapeats to the Colorado River.  The Hopis used ropes to get down and back up.  The "salt mines" are merely seeps in the Tapeats cliff where salt is deposited in small stalactites. 

Beamer Trail. Mouth of Carbon Creek. Temple Butte.

After about 4 hours of hiking we came to the point where the trail drops down to the river at Palisades Creek.  We were uncertain about where our cache was located, but we were able to find it without any difficulty.  We set up camp in the sand and rocks 50 yards or so from the river.  After lunch some of us did a short hike up Palisades Creek.  Most of the hike was in the shade, a relief from the intense sun at camp.  By the way, Palisades Creek is completely dry.

Tom and Chuck caught trout, cooked them in a pot with a little olive oil, and shared them with the group.  I had a taste, though I don't particularly like trout.

Almost to Palisades Creek.

View From Our Camp.  Smoke in Distance.

View From Near Our Campsite.

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