Views From Racetrack Knoll

View looking NW across Jumpup and towards upper Kanab Creek.   Jumpup Point is in upper right.

View looking North across the confluence of Jumpup and Indian Hollow towards upper Jumpup Canyon.   Jumpup Canyon goes to the left of The Goosneck and Sowats Canyon goes to the right of the Goosneck.   In this photo, The Goosneck looks like an isolated butte in the upper right of the photo.

View looking NE across the confluence of Indian Hollow and Ojojojo, towards Sowats Point.

View looking SE towards upper Indian Hollow.   Fishtail Saddle is visible in distnace.

View looking SE towards Fishtail Mesa.

View looking South. Fishtail Mesa is on the left, Kanab Point on the right, and Mount Sinyella is visible in the distance.
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