Day 5

October 22, 2014

Layover Day:  Explore Green Spring Canyon


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Our goal for today was to explore Green Spring Canyon.  Because we expected to get wet, we waited until the temperatures rose some before starting.  After a short hike down Twin Spring Canyon, we turned up into Green Spring Canyon.  The farther up canyon we went, the prettier it became.  Soon the vegetation gave way to slickrock pools and steep canyon walls.

Green Spring Canyon. Green Spring Canyon. Ben in Green Spring Canyon.


It took some scrambling to get by some pools without getting wet.  But eventually we had no choice but to wade through.  Dave was spooked by some of the exposure we encountered by trying to keep dry.  Later he decided to swim the section that Ben and I managed to climb around.  The water was extremely cold, and there was virtually no direct sunshine in the canyon's depths.  At first Ben and I got by without swimming, but eventually we came to a deep pool with no way around.  We basically chickened out and  opted to turn around.  It was just too damn cold.  At this point we were about one mile up Green Spring Canyon.  On our return we encountered Dave who had swum through a long, narrow section of potholes.  We watched Dave as he swam back through the narrows. 

If I come back here again, I would consider bringing a light-weight wetsuit and a small dry-bag for camera and clothes.

Ben in Green Spring Canyon. Dave in Green Spring Canyon. Ben and Dave in Green Spring Canyon.


Green Spring Canyon.

Green Spring Canyon.

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