Day 6

April 15, 2015

Up Surprise Canyon and Into Green Spring Canyon


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We got started around 8:00 AM, later than usual.  Although today would be the longest day in terms of distance covered, it was all pretty straight-forward, and the second half of today's hike would be on familiar terrain.

Surprise Canyon has lots of water and vegetation, making the hiking a bit tedious.  Keeping our boots dry was difficult, and probably not worth the effort.  We passed a couple of side canyons that we explored last fall without stopping.  There was always a decision to make about which side of the canyon looked like it would be easier.  Sometimes we just waked directly up the creek.  Occasionally you just couldn't avoid thrashing through the willows.

Surprise Canyon. Bob in Surprise Canyon. Surprise Canyon.

We were considering camping at one of our campsites from last fall, which was a couple hundred yards up Twin Springs Canyon.  But Ben remembered a nice campsite a short ways up Green Spring Canyon.  It turned out to be twice as far as Ben had remembered.  But it was a very nice camp, and we were close to where we would have to begin wading and swimming.  I was really tired when we got to camp.  Ben, as usual, was doing much better than me.

Although I haven't mentioned this before, I always bring along some Everclear (95% grain alcohol) that I mix with a powdered soft drink.  It definitely helps to take the edge off at the end of the day. 

After I hit the sack, I continued to listen to Redeployment.  I'm surprised at how well written it is.


Surprise Canyon. Our Camp in Green Spring Canyon. Green Spring Canyon.


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