Day 3

October 24, 2000

Mile 32.6 to Mile 35.7 on Top of Redwall

Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  3.8 miles

    Elevation Gain: 400 feet

    Elevation Loss:  600 feet

Today was mostly cloudy with a little sun and rain.  We had another short day of hiking to the beach at Mile 35.7, where we had our cache.  About 15 minutes after leaving camp, we came to what Steck calls the construction site.  It had lots of interesting stuff laying about -- it would make an interesting camp.  Apparently  workers came down the Shinumo Wash trail to a tent camp at this location.  I would love to see old photos of this camp, if any exist.  It would have been quite an adventurous place to work.  The trail ends at this camp, but it was relatively easy hiking until Nautiloid Canyon.  Both Nautiloid Canyon and the next one were slow going. 

The descent ravine to the beach at Mile 35.7 was quite steep, but there was a scant trail to follow for a while.  The beach was pretty small, but better than the one at Mile 30.2.  We found our cache still intact (5-gal plastic paint can). 

It was cloudy but dry that evening.  And we all had a pretty good time, partly due to the wine we had in the cache.  It was a very pretty place, directly across from the Bridge of Sighs.  The Redwall is riddled with caves.


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