Day 4

October 25, 2000

Mile 35.7 to Tatahatso Wash

Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  3.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  600 feet

    Elevation Loss:  350 feet

Another cloudy morning.  As per usual, we were packed up and on our way by about 7:45.  A strenuous 45 minute hike brought us again to the top of the Redwall.  The weather cleared some, and with only one major side canyon to negotiate, we had a very pleasant morning hike to Tatahatso Wash.  We had good views across the Canyon to the rim-to-Redwall route we did in 1995 via Mile 36.7 Canyon (AKA Mitchell Canyon).  It was warm and partly sunny when we arrived at Tatahatso. 

I had planned for us to have at least one layover day.  Because there was plenty of water in Tatahatso, we decided to camp there and spend the rest of the rest of the day and the next morning exploring the area.  We followed side drainages on the north side of Tatahatso all the way to the main bed.  We could only hike a ways downstream before being stopped by a 60-ft pouroff.  We couldn't go far upstream either.  But we all enjoyed the sunshine and the beauty of the area.  This was the only night I didn't set up my tent.  It sure felt good to be out of that cramped tent and watching the stars. 


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