Day 5

April 1, 2010

Indian Hollow to Flipoff Canyon


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  11.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  300 feet

    Elevation Loss:  900 feet


This morning we started back to Susan in Kanab Canyon.  We took the Redwall bypass again, stopping for a look down into Indian Hollow and the Obstacle Pool.  We replenished our water at the mouth of Kwagunt Hollow.  I had planned to hike back to to Kanab by hiking on top of the Redwall virtually the entire way.  To do this we would skip heading down Jumpup, but instead re-gain the top of the Redwall near Kwagunt.  Then find a way down into Kanab Creek between Flipoff and Chamberlain Canyons.  It looked easy on the map, and on Google Earth.  So some in our group were skeptical.  They wanted to know what I knew about the route and where my information came from.  After I told them that I didn't know of anyone ever doing the route (but I'm sure someone has done it), it took a bit of arm-twisting to get all to agree to take a chance on the route.  It turned out to be a great decision.  It was a beautiful walk, with view up to the rim and down into the deep canyon bottoms.  The Redwall was mostly flat, smooth, and wide.  Very easy hiking. 

Rewall Above Indian Hollow. Steck's Obstacle Pool in Indian Hollow. Climbing to Redwall at Kwagunt.

On our way along the Redwall above Indian Hollow, we got a good view of Steck's Obstacle Pool.  It was full this time, although I have seen it dry.  It is definitely an obstacle, which is why we took the Redwall route to avoid it.  On a previous trip I found an easier, but scarier, way to get past this pool by climbing up to a ledge (seen in photo above), passing the pool from above, then dropping back down into Indian Hollow.  There is one very thin section that is a bit scary.  But at the thin section, you are already past the pool (heading up-canyon), and there is a way to lower packs down about 20 or 30 feet, then continue on the thin section without being encumbered by a pack.

View Across Jumpup and into Indian Hollow. Taking a Break. Pothole:  Unexpected, but Welcome .
Jane. Bob. Awesome Views.

Around half way along the Redwall from Kwagunt to Flipoff, I spotted a large rock near where we were taking a break.  I walked over to it and found a nice little petroglyph.  The native Americans were everywhere.  Eventually we passed the mouth of Jumpup Canyon below us and turned northward above Kanab Creek.  As we continued hiking, the canyon bottom slowly rose to meet us.  We were able to look down to the campsite where we left Susan and see that she was no longer there.  About half a mile farther we were able to find an easy slope down to the canyon bottom.  We found Susan's cairn and note at the mouth of Flipoff, saying she was going to be camping at the Cottonwood grove.  About 45 minutes later we found her.  We decided to camp right where she was (we had already covered 11 miles today).  Susan's knee was still in bad shape, but maybe a little better.

Petroglyph. Old Campsite in Kanab Creek. Campsite in Flipoff Canyon.


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