Tanner to New Hance

This map (above) shows our overall route.

This trip was with my daughter, Brianna, who is a sophomore at Arizona State in Tempe.  We have always done Grand Canyon trips together over her spring breaks -- never in the fall.  However, ASU has a fall break, really just a 4-day weekend, so we scheduled a short backpacking trip over her fall break.  Although Brianna has never hiked from the north rim because of the difficult access in spring, we decided to do a south rim trip because of our limited time. 

Then about two weeks prior to our trip, the Republicans shut down the federal government, including Grand Canyon National Park.  Although I was confident the shut down wouldn't last two weeks, I started making alternate plans.  I figured we could do a hike in the Kanab Creek Wilderness, which is just outside the Park on the northern boundary.  No permits are required, but the drive would add several hours of driving each way. 

I left Truchas, NM (where I had recently moved) on Friday morning, heading for Flagstaff.  Brianna left Tempe Friday afternoon, and we met at a motel in Flagstaff, where we would spend the night. 

Donna called me on Saturday morning with news that the state of Arizona had agreed to provide funds to re-open the Park, starting today.  So we decided to go with our original south rim plan.  We would hike down the Tanner Trail to a point where the trail begins its abrupt descent of the Redwall.  There is a wonderful campsite nearby with spectacular views.  Our second night would be at Cardenas Creek, and the third night at the bottom of the New Hance Trail (AKA Red Canyon Trail).  We would hike out via the New Hance Trail on Sunday.

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