Day 7

October 4, 1991

Phantom Canyon to Tiyo Point


Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 4.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  3600 feet

    Elevation Loss:  0 feet

Today was expected to be long and difficult.  Within 10 minutes of leaving camp we began climbing the steep slope which ends at the very steep Redwall climb.  The difficulty with the climb, as I remember it, was that the slope was steep, but not steep enough to haul packs, and the rock was not solid. 

Steve Allen is a very good climber with lots of experience, so he volunteered to climb the Redwall and belay the rest of us.  It took him a while to find a secure place to set up the belay.  Once we began climbing it went very smoothly.  It did take over half an hour for all of us to get belayed to the top.  Of course we had to climb with our packs on -- the slope was not steep enough to pull up packs with a rope.

But this was just the top of a steep section of Redwall.  We still had more a lot more climbing to do. 


Hiking Towards Base of Redwall.


  Steve Setting Up the Rappel.


  Redwall Ledge. Above the Redwall, Heading For Saddle.

Once above the Redwall, there were still some tricky route finding required to get through several cliff bands in the Supai.  We zigzagged up the slope, trying to find the route of least resistance.  Near the top, just below the saddle, we found a large overhang that could accommodate quite a few people.  Perhaps it was the overhang described by Steck.

Once on Shiva Saddle, we just reversed our route back to the cars.  But it was a very long day, and we didn't get back to the cars until just about dark.  We therefore decided to spend the night there, and drive home the next day.

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