Day 6

October 3, 1991

Hike Up Phantom Creek to Steck's "Hippie Camp"


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 2.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  850 feet

    Elevation Loss:  0 feet

We only had 2.5 miles to hike today, so we all slept in later than usual.  I remember the hike to the "hippie camp" very easy.  We passed a spring area with lots of vegetation that slowed us down a bit.  When we got to the hippie camp, we weren't certain we were actually there at first.  I was expecting something pretty significant, but there were only a few rock-lined paths and a camping area, at that was about it.  Obviously some effort was put into modifying the area for longer term camping, but really not very much. 

Phantom Canyon. Phantom Canyon. Phantom Canyon (?)
After getting to camp, some of us headed out to explore the nearby areas.  I continued up Phantom Creek.  I can't remember where the photo of the chockstone was taken, but maybe in upper Phantom Creek.


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