Day 5

October 2, 1991

Isis Temple to Phantom Creek -- Plus Day Hike to Phantom Ranch



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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 1.2 miles + 8 miles round trip to Phantom Ranch

    Elevation Gain:  300 feet + 1000 feet for Phantom day hike

    Elevation Loss:  1050 feet + 1000 feet for Phantom day hike

Today was originally planned as a layover day.  But since we didn't make it all the way to Phantom Creek yesterday, we still had about an hour more backpacking to do this morning.  Some of us also wanted to do a day hike to Phantom Ranch. 

Morning at Camp. Morning at Camp. Cheops - Isis Saddle.


It was a fast, easy jaunt to Cheops-Isis Saddle.  The saddle was awesome, with wonderful views in all directions.  It seemed like an unlikely place to be.  We hung out there for half an hour or more.  It would be an interesting place to camp. 


Cheops-Isis Saddle.  Cheops Pyramid. Buddha Temple (Right) From Saddle. Cheops-Isis Saddle.  Cheops Pyramid.


Scott needed to get back earlier than the rest of us, so he had planned to continue on to Phantom Ranch and then to the south rim.  It would be a very long day for him.  So instead of hiking all the way down to Phantom Creek, he chose to hike to Phantom via Utah Flats.  This would be a lot easier than hauling a pack down Phantom Creek.  Once we got down off the saddle, Scott veered off to the south, heading for Utah Flats.  The rest of us continued down to Phantom Creek.


Upper Phantom Creek. Phantom Creek Falls. Climb Down Next to Falls.

Once we got down to Phantom Creek, some of us took our day packs and headed down Phantom Creek fir Phantom Ranch.  Most of us had never been to Phantom Ranch.  A few of the others either hung around camp or did a day hike into Haunted Canyon.

We quickly came to our first obstacle:  A 15-foot pouroff, replete with a beautiful waterfall.  There was a log leaning against the wall next to the falls that we used to help us climb down and back up.  Steve provided a welcome belay for most of us.  The rest of the canyon of especially pretty, with lots of beautiful pools and ferns.  With some effort, we all managed to make it down without getting our boots wet.  I doubt this would be possible in spring. 

Phantom Creek Narrows. Phantom Creek Narrows. Steve With Dry Boots.
Phantom Ranch Cantina. Phantom Ranch Cantina. Climb Up Pouroff Below Camp.


Soon after arriving at Phantom Ranch, we ran into Scott who had hiked down from Phantom Creek via the Utah Flasts.  He already looked bushed, and he still had to climb up to the rim.  It was almost noon. 

We were in for a mini cultural shock when we arrived at Phantom.  There were walkways, stone cabins, showers, and a small general store/Cantina.  And dozens of people milling around.  After buying some lemonade and a few candy bars, we all headed back up the North Kaibab Trail for about a mile to Phantom Creek.  We had spent less than an hour at Phantom Ranch.  We scampered back up Phantom Creek, again managing to keep our boots dry.  Steve again belayed most of us down the log leaning against the pouroff. 


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