Day 4

October 1, 1991

94-Mile Beach to Alcove South of Isis Temple


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 6.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  2700 feet

    Elevation Loss:  800 feet

We started out trying to follow Steck's route description, but ended up climbing up to the Tonto before getting to the steep drainage that Steck mentions.  Our way worked, but there was a bit of climbing in the Tapeats.  But it was fun. 

Climbing Through the Tapeats. Monument Creek and Pima Point. Hiking on the Tonto Platform.


By the time we got up on the Tonto, it was starting to get really hot.  Although the hiking was easy, the heat made it much more difficult. When we got to Trinity Creek, we started looking for a way down into into the bed of Trinity.  We were also looking for some shade where we could rest and have lunch.  We soon found a steep chute that would take us to the bed of Trinity.  A short ways down off the Tonto, we stopped in some shade for lunch.  One person was behind us and didn't see us below as he passed by.  Eventually we realized something was wrong and we began yelling up and down the canyon.  After more than 30 minutes he showed up.  This was the last thing we needed since we were already tired and overheated.  And low on water.


Looking Down Trinity Creek. Isis Temple.  Click to See Route. Looking For a Campsite.


Once we got down to the bed of Trinity, we were all tired, hot, and low on water.  We did find a few small, fetid pools in the bed of Trinity.  Most of us got an additional liter or two.  Then we hiked up Trinity for a short ways before turning off into a side canyon.  It was fairly steep near the top of this canyon. 

I was a little concerned whether or not we were on the correct route.  A mistake now could put us in serious trouble.  Steck mentioned that we needed to get to a bench on top of quartzite cliffs.  Once on the bench I checked to see if we were on quartzite, and thankfully we were. 

It was starting to get late, and we did not have a lot of light left.  We were concerned that we would not make it to Phantom Creek, and water, before dark.  However, when we reached the alcove between the two southern arms of Isis, we found a nice pothole with perhaps 30 gallons of water.  What a relief.  And there was adequate camping nearby, so we decided to stop there for the night.


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