Day 3

September 30, 1991

Crystal Rapids to 94-Mile Creek


Click on photos to see larger image.

Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 6.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  1300 feet

    Elevation Loss:  1300 feet

There are four things I remember most about this day.  First, hiking along the Tonto was easy but tedious.  Contouring around the side canyons seemed to take forever.  Second, it was starting to get very hot.  Third, the helicopter noise was relentless, and fourth, our route through the Tapeats to get to 94-Mile Beach involved serious exposure and was borderline technical.

I don't remember much about the climb to the Tonto, so it must not have been too difficult (although it looks difficult on Google Earth).  I'm not at all sure I have it marked correctly on the map.

Looking for the Exit Ramp. View Back Up Crystal Creek. Break on Tonto Platform.

South Rim.  Click for Details.   Looking for Route Down to 94-Mile Beach.

The following three photos show our descent through the Tapeats to the beach at 94-Mile Canyon.  We used 8mm rope to lower packs, and even for a belay for a couple of us.  It took a lot of time and it may have actually been faster to hike farther up thee rim of 94-Mile before dropping down.  But it was fun, and I remember really enjoying the climb.

  Lowering Packs. Finally Below the Tapeats.

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