Steck's Crystal / Phantom Loop

September 28 through October 4, 1991


This map (above) shows our overall route.

Click on photos to see larger image.

This report was written in January, 2015, more than 23 years after doing the hike.  Obviously a lot of details have been forgotten.

This trip was my second George Steck Loop, as described in Steck's book, Grand Canyon Loop Hikes I.  I had previously done Steck's Tapeats Creek / Kanab Creek Loop.  I had also done two Sierra Club trips.  I invited several people from the Sierra Club hikes to join me.  The trip roster included Jim Ilchuk, Scott Scheffler, Steve Allen, Harvey Halpern, Alan Bennett, Tom Proctor, Terry Howard, and me.  I had never met Steve or Harvey.  Bert (Sierra Club trip leader) recommended Steve, and Steve wanted to bring his friend, Harvey.  So there were a total of eight of us.

I put together group breakfasts and dinners, plus all the cooking gear.  Everyone was responsible for their own lunches.  After this experience (modified from Sierra Club routines), I promised myself to never do group breakfasts again.

We all met at Tiyo Point, where we camped.  It rained all afternoon and into the night.

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