Day 2

October 28, 2013

Chamberlain, Kanab, Lawson and Ranger Trail

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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  9.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  1000 feet

    Elevation Loss:  200 feet

Since we were a couple of miles behind our original schedule, we got another very early start.  Our plan was to hike up Kanab a ways, climb out of Kanab to the Esplanade where we would find the Ranger Trail, then continue around Jumpup Point to Lower Jumpup Spring.  After hiking for less than 1/4 mile, the canyon opened up and the hiking was fast and easy all the way to Kanab Creek.  Kanab was flowing at the confluence, which was nice but a little unexpected.  We turned up Kanab, following flowing water much of the way. 


Kanab Creek at Chamberlain. Kanab Creek Above Chamberlain. Hiking Up Kanab Creek.

We had planned to hike out of Kanab and onto the Esplanade at our first opportunity.  We scouted a couple of possible routes and side canyons, but nothing looked very easy.  So we continued on all the way to Lawson Canyon, about 2 miles farther than we had planned.  Now we were getting seriously behind schedule. 

Since we had not planned to hike all the way to Lawson Canyon, we were unsure of the route.  I had heard that Lawson had a trail, but had no idea where.  We just assumed it would start at the mouth and head up-canyon, perhaps climbing out on the sides to avoid pouroffs.  We hiked up Lawson for several hundred yards but found no evidence of any trail.  Ben and I decided to hike back down to Kanab and look for a trail heading up the slopes a short distance down stream from Lawson.  If there were cairns marking the trail, I think floods have washed them away.  But with some scouting we did manage to find the trail. 

Lower End of Hack-Lawson Canyon. Collecting Water on the Hack-Lawson Trail. Cairns Marking the Ranger Trail.
Bob on the Hack-Lawson Trail. Junction of Lawson and Ranger Trails. Taking a Break on Ranger Trail.


The Hack-Lawson Trail is well constructed and easy to follow.   The weather was perfect and the views were stunning.  Everyone just loved hiking along the Esplanade.  There were numerous potholes and great campsites everywhere.  Around 4:00 we decided to stop for the night.  We had already hiked almost 10 miles, and the conditions were just too perfect to pass up.  But it would mean a long day for tomorrow. 

It was starting to get cloudy, so we all set up our tents even though we really didn't expect rain.  However, soon after dark it got very windy and began to rain, which was accompanied by some lightening and thunder.  I was sure glad I brought my new tent.

Hiking the Ranger Trail. Hiking the Ranger Trail. Approaching Our Campsite on RangerTrail.


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