Day 6

November 1, 2013

Kwagunt at Jumpup to Esplanade at Flipoff

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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 8.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  900 feet

    Elevation Loss:  300 feet

Our goal for the day was the Esplanade at the foot of the Flipoff Route.  Not only is this a wonderful place to camp, but it would allow us to get out relatively early.  Some people needed to catch a plane in Las Vegas tomorrow evening. 

We got a very early start again.  Much of the day would be spent hiking down Jumpup Canyon and up Kanab.   Within minutes Jumpup Canyon narrows and we are walking between high, steep, polished walls of Redwall limestone. 

Our Campsite in Kwagunt Hollow. Jumpup Canyon Narrows. Flipoff Canyon.

We hiked past the amazing entrance to Indian Hollow.  Eventually we came to the cleft on stream-right that has always held water when I've been here before, but this time it was filled with gravel.   We continued to stroll down Jumpup until reaching Kanab Creek, spending about 2-1/2 hours to hike the 4 miles to Kanab.  After a long break, we turned and headed up Kanab Creek.  We still had a little over two miles to get to Flipoff Canyon, but the hiking was easy and we reached Flipoff in slightly over an hour.   

Lunch Break in Flipoff. Huge Boulders in Flipoff Canyon. Rock Art.

We turned into Flipoff Canyon.  The farther up Flipoff you go, the prettier it gets.  Part way up Flipoff, in a grove of Cottonwoods, the stream surfaced.  Above the Cottonwoods are some huge boulders that were a nuisance to get around.  The flowing water disappeared near the top, but there were numerous large potholes. 

Once we reached the Esplanade, we began looking for water.  Campsites were plentiful, but potholes were scarce.  Most of the ones close by were only and inch or so deep.  But with a lot of scouting we eventually found a couple of deeper potholes with good looking water. 

The weather had completely cleared up and, with no threat of rain, most of us slept out under the stars.

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