Day 2

April 4, 2016

Lower Jumpup Spring to Mountain Sheep Spring


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  2 miles

    Elevation Gain:  150 feet

    Elevation Loss:  500 feet

After eating breakfast and packing up, I headed down canyon to the pouroff (jump) and ladder.  I heard the voices of Bert's group as I approached.  I spotted Bert, Decker and Mark.  Bert and a couple of others were climbing up with webbing to begin hauling up packs.  I hung around talking with the group for about half an hour until all the packs and people had made it up.  Once I got down, Bert lowered my pack to me. 

A member of Bert's group (Steve) was having difficulty with the hike and wanted to bail.  Bert asked me if he could hike out with me in another 4 or 5 days.  No problem.  I asked Steve if he wanted to hike with me for a few days because I was doing an extremely easy hike.  He declined. He wanted to hike out the the Jumpup Trailhead and wait for me there.  And if possible, find a ride out to the main road. 

We then parted, with the Sierra Club group heading to the Ranger Trail towards Kanab Creek.  I started down towards Sowats Canyon.


Bert Climbing Above Ladder. Jumpup Canyon Above Sowats Canyon. Jumpup Canyon Above Sowats Canyon.


Below Lower Jumpup the canyon is definitely more rugged and rocky, but I managed without any difficulty.  However I was going at a pretty slow pace.  Water was flowing virtually the entire way, in both Jumpup and Sowats Canyons.  I walked slowly up Sowats Canyon, savoring the beauty, which was heightened by the abundance of water.

Jumpup Canyon Between Sowats & Jump. Lower End of Sowats Canyon. Lower End of Sowats Canyon.


There are several small pictographs on the walls surrounding the overhangs. 


Sowats Below Mountain Sheep Spring.

Mountain Sheep Spring.

Overhang Camp at Mountain Sheep Spring.

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