Kanab Point to Esplanade & Rescue

April 22 through April 24, 2017

I had a couple of objectives for this trip, including hiking the abandoned Kanab Point Trail, hiking down Scotty's Hollow, and checking out some rock art on the Esplanade that I had heard about.  So the original idea was to drop down to the Esplanade via the Kanab Point Trail, hike over to Scotty's and down Scotty's to Kanab Creek, then up Kanab Creek to Flipoff Canyon, and finally along the Esplanade back to the Kanab Point Trailhead, or possibly, hike to the rim via a more direct, but challenging, route that goes directly to the rim at the head of Scotty's Hollow. This optional route is described in  Grand Canyoneering by Todd Martin.

After completing our previous backpack, Ben Mahlab and I spent a night in a motel in Kanab, Utah.  The next day we drove to Kanab Point, dropping off my mountain bike at our optional exit point on the rim.  If we decided to exit via this route, we would have a 4.5 mile bike ride to get back to my car at Kanab Point. 

We spent the night camping in the Piņon-Juniper woods not far from Kanab Point. 

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