Day 6

April 5, 2012

East Fork of Clear Creek to Phantom Ranch

We slept a little longer this morning and didn't get up until around 6:30.  We were hiking by 8:00.  Although we had a long day ahead of us, a total of about 11 miles, only the first couple of miles would be off-trail.  We stopped for a long break at the main Clear Creek drainage and cleaned up in the stream.  It was warming up quickly, but there was also a nice breeze. 

Ben Heading Up Clear Creek

Angels Gate and Wotans Throne from Trail

Group Break on the Clear Creek Trail

We reached the Clear Creek campground around 10:00 and continued on without stopping.  We continued on at a slow but steady pace.  We arrived at Phantom Ranch at 4:15.  Unfortunately the cantina closes at 4:00 to start preparations for dinner, so it was too late to get a lemonade.  We found a campsite with two vacant spots on either side, hoping that one of them would remain empty so that I could sleep there, away from the others.  I moved to the adjacent camp after dark.

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