Day 7

April 6, 2012

Phantom Ranch to Rim via Bright Angel Trail

Because I had previously arranged for a 5:00 breakfast at the cantina, I needed to get up early.  By the time I got back to our campsite, the others were still making breakfast.  I was off by 6:30, carrying two liters of water.  I was headed up the Bright Angel Trail because my car was parked at the Backcountry Office, which is close to the trailhead.  Except for Thomas, who left around 5:30, all the others were going to hike out the South Kaibab Trail. 

View from the River Trail

View Towards Clear Creek from BA Trail

View from Indian Garden

While eating breakfast I heard a story about an older man, about 60, and a young girl in her 20s from Singapore who had an awful time hiking down to Phantom the previous day.  They were expecting to be able to buy meals there, but they didn't know they needed advanced reservations.  Although they somehow managed to get fed, some people were worried about them.  About an hour after leaving Indian Garden, I caught up with them.  Although I was hiking slowly, they were even slower.  They told me that they were worried that they would not make their bus connection to Las Vegas on time, and that they had non-refundable airline tickets for the following morning.  They needed to be at the Bright Angel Lodge before 3:30.  It was now about 11:00.  I thought they would have plenty of time, but I hiked along with them, trying to give them some encouragement.  They seemed exhausted and discouraged.  They finally made it to the rim at 3:15, with only 15 minutes to spare.  I walked over the the Backcountry Office parking to get my car.

I drove to Tusayan, had lunch, and continued on to Phoenix where I would meet my daughter and my ex the next morning.  My daughter is a senior in high school and is considering going to Arizona State next year.  She wanted to check out the campus.

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