Day 5

March 18, 2008

Layover Day:  Exploration of Upper Matkat

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Today was our layover day.  It was a crystal clear day -- a little too warm in the sun, a little too cool in the shade.  We hiked up the right (south) fork of Matkat and soon discovered flowing water and lots of Cottonwoods.  After a mile or so we came to a huge pour-off.  Normally I would have thought that it would be impossible to bypass, but I believe this was the pour-off that Doc Thomas and Harvey did coming down from the Esplanade.  Doc mentioned a very scary ledge that led him down to a grove of well-watered Cottonwoods.  I saw a ledge that might have worked, but it was way too scary for me.  We made it back to camp in just a couple of hours.  We spent the rest of the day reading and resting.

South Fork of Matkat. View Down South Fork of Matkat. Pour-Off in South Fork of Matkat.


South Fork of Matkat. South Fork of Matkat. View From Campsite in Matkat.

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