Day 3

November 10, 1991

Lonetree Canyon to Phantom Ranch

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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 8.2 miles

    Elevation Gain:  700 feet

    Elevation Loss:  1850 feet

I awoke to more cloudy weather, although during the day there were periods of sunshine.  Today I headed for Bright Angel Campground near Phantom Ranch.  This would be my second time there -- the first being only a couple of months earlier. 

It seemed a bit tedious getting past all the arms of Cremation Canyon.  There were more ups and downs than I was expecting, even though the map clearly shows this. 

After setting up at Bright Angel Campground, I took off on a day hike to do the River Trail between the two bridges.  Apparently I didn't take any photos of Phantom Ranch or Bright Angel Campground.

View Towards Clear Creek. View Towards Clear Creek. View Towards Clear Creek.
Phantom Ranch from Near the Tipoff. Isis Temple from Near the Tipoff. Black Bridge.
Black Bridge from Boater's Beach. Boater's Beach. Silver & Black Bridges, Zoroaster Temple.


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