Day 2

November 9, 1991

Grapevine Creek to Lonetree Canyon


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Today's route stats:

   Distance:  8.7 miles

   Elevation Gain:  500 feet

   Elevation Loss:  400 feet

It was cloudy all night, and it was cloudy in the morning.  But no rain. 

It takes more time along the trail than you expect.  There are numerous side canyons to negotiate, and some of them are quite long.  But the views were spectacular, especially out on the points overlooking the Colorado River. 

There was no water where the trail crosses Lonetree Canyon, but I found some pools about 10 or 15 minutes down the drainage.


Grapevine Canyon and Newberry Butte.

Angels Gate and Vishnu Temple.

Boulder Creek and Shoshone Point .

Colorado River. My Camp at Lonetree Canyon. Bob at Lonetree Canyon.


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