Grandview, Tonto, S. Kaibab, Bright Angel

November 8 through November 11, 1991


This map (above) shows our overall route.

Click on photos to see larger image.

This trip report was written in February, 2015, almost 24 years after doing the trip.  I don't remember a lot about the trip, but I did take a lot of photos.  These photos (slides) were scanned, thus their quality is not very good.  But the photos did allow me to reconstruct much of the trip.

This was my 9th Grand Canyon backpacking trip.  Several of these were off-trail, including two of Steck's loop hikes.  I was beginning to feel very comfortable hiking in Grand Canyon, so I figured I was ready to do an on-trail, solo Grand Canyon backpack.  This trip was only 4 days, but it covered a lot of interesting territory below the south rim.  And I would visit Phantom Ranch for the first time.

I flew into and out of Flagstaff.  I can't remember how I got from Flagstaff to Grand Canyon, or to the Grandview trailhead, but I probably rented a car in Flagstaff.


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