Day 5

October 30, 2014

Hike Up Jumpup to Kwagunt, Then Redwall Route into Indian Hollow


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 7.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  1000 feet

    Elevation Loss:  100 feet

Our goal for today was to hike up Jumpup Canyon, through the narrows to Kwagunt, then pick up our cache and hike along the top of the Redwall into Indian Hollow.  Then up Indian Hollow to a campsite we previously used that puts us in a good position to do a day-hike to Racetrack Knoll.

Jumpup narrows were as awesome as usual.  I never get tired of hiking through this section.  There used to be a reliable water source about 1.3 miles up Jumpup from Kanab.  It was a large pothole located in a cleft in the Redwall on creek right.  Last year it was filled with gravel and dry, and so it was again this time.


Jumpup Narrows. Jumpup Narrows. Mouth of Indian Hollow.


It took us almost two hours to reach the mouth of Indian Hollow, and another half hour to reach our cache at the mouth of Kwagunt Hollow.  We spent nearly an hour there sorting and distributing the cache.  We then climbed the Redwall ramp that starts at the mouth of Kwagunt, and which eventually levels out before turning the corner into Indian Hollow.  We turned into Indian Hollow around 11 AM.  At this point we are about 150 feet above the mouth of Indian Hollow.


View into Indian Hollow. Redwall Route into Indian Hollow. Marcey.


Except for one unpleasant section toward the end, where you must cross a rocky and brushy gully, the hiking on the Redwall is pretty easy.

After passing the large chockstones that lie in the streambed below you, you can climb down ledges and arrive at the canyon bottom.  From there it is less than half a mile to Ojojojo, the name given by Steck to the un-named canyon coming in on creek right.  And from Ojojojo it is only about 20 minutes to Steck's over-your-head pool. 

The pool was not quite full this time.  I have seen it completely full with water flowing into and out of the pool, and I have seen it nearly dry.  This time it was full enough to swim in, and I think all of us did.  The water was cold, but refreshing.  We ate lunch here, and probably spent an hour and a half before moving on.

Except for one section where you must climb out of the drainage on creek right to avoid impassible narrows, the rest of the hike up Indian Hollow is pretty straight-forward.


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