Day 5

November 2, 2017

Indian Hollow


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 2.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  450 feet

    Elevation Loss:  0 feet

Another leisurely morning for me as I await the arrival of the rest of the group.  Anne Mariah was expected to have hiked out yesterday, with Ethan hiking in to join us.  They finally showed up around 9:30.  We all hiked up to the waterfall in Ojojojo. 

They told me about meeting of backpackers who knew me, including Rich Rudow and Chris Forsyth.  I had never met them in person before and I'm sorry I missed them.  They are extraordinarily fit and experienced canyoneeers.  Rich has been very generous with information on several routes in the Canyon.


Indian Hollow. Large Pothole in Indian Hollow Campsite in Indian Hollow.


The hike up this part of Indian Hollow is straightforward and easy, with only one significant bypass (on creek-right) to avoid some deep, water-filled narrows.  We found intermittent water much of the way, although definitely dryer than I had ever seen it before.  The large pothole (Steck's "Over-Your-Head" Pool) was at the lowest level I had ever seen.  And I think this was the 9th time I had been in Indian Hollow. 

I have camped at this same campsite several times before.  Usually there is a thin sheet of water flowing over the flat slickrock area.  It was now dry.  So we could all find great places to lay out our sleeping bags.  A few years ago we had planned to spend two nights here (and climb Racetrack Knoll), but weather moved in after the first night so we decided to head to higher ground on the Esplanade.

After lunch a couple of people headed off to climb Racetrack Knoll.

In the afternoon and evening I listened to more of Life 3.0 and The Other Side of History.



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