Day 6

November 3, 2017

Indian Hollow to Esplanade Overlooking Sowats Canyon


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 5.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  600 feet

    Elevation Loss:  300 feet

Tom and Wendy took off early this morning, needing to get to Flagstaff this afternoon.  The rest of us, 5 in all, talked about where we should camp tonight, although Ethan was planning to hike out, by himself, later in the afternoon.  We decided to hike over to the lip of Sowats Canyon and camp there because we rarely hike along the section of Esplanade between Kwagunt Hollow and Sowats. 

We hiked out via the drainage coming from Indian Hollow Spring.  Once on the Esplanade, the others took off and I hiked by myself, wanting to take my time.  They would find a good campsite and leave something on the trail to let me know exactly where they were.  Hiking along the Esplanade in the early morning light was magnificent.  It was perfect hiking weather, and I took my time, savoring every moment. 

I picked up a gallon of water at Kwagunt for our dry-camp tonight.  I found the others about an hour later.  It was getting windy, so we looked for a sheltered place for camp.  We found a nice site, but had to forgo the views.

After dinner I listened to more audio books. 


Indian Hollow Spring Drainage. Esplanade and Fishtail Mesa.  


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