Day 7

November 4, 2017

Sowats Canyon Overlook to Jumpup-Nail Trailhead


Today's route stats: 

    Distance: 3.5 miles

    Elevation Gain:  2000 feet

    Elevation Loss:  100 feet

Bert and Mark had to get going early because they had a plane to catch in Las Vegas later today.  I am always slow hiking out, so they took off without me.  I told them I would text them when I got out.  I hung around camp a bit, drinking another cup of coffee.  

The weather had turned colder and I was concerned that I would have trouble controlling my temperature while hiking out.  You heat up as you exert yourself hiking uphill, then sweat, and then often get chilled.  I hiked slowly without working up much of a sweat. 

Near the top I ran into a group of backpackers from Flagstaff.  Usually I don't see anyone hiking in this area, so this trip was very unusual.  Seems like this area is getting more popular -- probably because of the wonderful scenery and the fact that you don't need a permit from the NPS, which can sometimes be hard to get.  Only my car and a van from NAU were parked at the trailhead. 

I drove back to Kanab where I had lunch, then continued on to Page where I had hotel reservations.  The next day I headed back to New Mexico.

Hiking Out to Jumpup-Nail (Sowats) Trailhead.  Kwagunt Hollow. View From the Trail.  


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