Day 8

April 21, 2017

Little Joe Spring to Rim via 150-Mile Trail


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Today's Route Stats:

    Distance:  3.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  2000 feet

    Elevation Loss:  0 feet


Our last day began with an easy hike up 150-Mile Canyon.  The first half was through a gorgeous canyon.  Once at and above the Esplanade level, the canyon opened up and was filled with boulders.  We stopped for a while in the shade of cottonwoods surrounding Buckhorn Spring.  As we started up the trail to the rim, we passed an old, rusty wheelbarrow that we didn't see on our way down.  It was probably used to build this trail, as well as the pieces of constructed trail in Hotel Spring Canyon. 

It seemed easier, at least to me, hiking up the trail to the rim.  It seemed like we managed to locate more of the trail, making the hike significantly easier.  We reached the top, and my 4Runner, rather quickly.  We then headed back to pick up my mountain bike and drive the two hours or so of dirt roads back to Kanab. 

We checked into a motel, took showers, then drove to Escobar's Mexican restaurant for dinner.

Ben and I did laundry and sorted gear in preparation for our next hike.  The next day, Rob drove back to Flagstaff while Ben and I drove to the Kanab Point Trailhead. 


150-Mile Canyon. 150-Mile Canyon. Wheelbarrow Near Buckhorn Spring .


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