Day 7

April 20, 2017

Hike Down Hotel Spring Canyon and Up 150-Mile Canyon to Little Joe Spring


Today's Route Stats:

    Distance:  1.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  100 feet

    Elevation Loss:  200 feet

Today was basically a layover day.  The  hike from Hotel Spring to Little Joe Spring is only about a mile.  However, the lower end of Hotel Spring Canyon is incredibly beautiful, as is 150-Mile Canyon around Little Joe Spring. 

There is some old fencing in the Hotel Spring area, and also some old constructed cattle trail leading down to 150-Mile Canyon.  I wish I knew how long ago these "trails" were used by cowboys.  The "trails" in Hotel Spring Canyon have obviously been abandoned for many decades -- same for the 150-Mile Canyon Trail coming down from the rim. 

Neither Ben nor Rob wanted to hike down 150-Mile Canyon.  I once hiked down to the top of the Redwall, so I didn't have much interest either.  I spent the afternoon listening to audio books.

Some rock art exists in the vicinity, but most of it is not especially impressive.  But I like seeing it just the same.

Lower Hotel Spring Canyon. Lower Hotel Spring Canyon. Remnants of Constructed Cattle Trail .


Sheep and Suckling Lamb. More Rock Art. Rock Art.


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