Day 1

April, 1995

Hike Down 36.7 Mile Canyon (AKA Mitchell Canyon) to Top of Redwall

It took us a long time to drive to the trailhead from Page, probably about 3 hours.  We dropped off one or two cars at our exit point (Buck Farm Canyon) and continued on to Tank No. 7, which is NW of Mitchell Canyon.  It is about half a mile from our parked cars to the rim take-off point. 

The top of the route was not at all obvious, but Gary had been down this route several times and knew where to go.  The route was exceptionally steep.  And that is about all I remember about it. 

I have included a Google Earth image showing the rim take-off.  It looks like it would be impossible to get through the Coconino, but there is a way.  I have included other photos in the order in which they were taken.


Google Earth Image Showing the Rim Take-Off Location.


Beginning of Rim Take-Off

View into Mitchell Canyon



Gary Ladd Relaxing in Redwall

Fetching Water in Redwall Slot

Campsite on First Night


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