Marble Canyon Redwall via Mitchell and Buckfarm

April 1995

This map (above) shows our overall route.

This report was written in 2015, 20 years after the trip.  Therefore, my recollection of the trip details are sketchy.  The overall route is correct, but I'm not certain of the exact dates -- only that the trip took place in April, 1995.  I have a lot of photos, but they are not dated, so I can't be certain on which day of the hike they were taken.  In fact, I am not certain how many days were spent on this hike.  My guess is five.

There were 10 participants on this trip, including  Bert, Marcey, Leslie, Randy, Gary, Patrick, Jim, Elizabeth, Hansjorg  and me.  Gary was our leader.  The entrance and exit routes we took between the rim and the top of the Redwall are described in Grand Canyon Loop Hikes II  by George Steck. 

We met at Gary's house in Page.  Prior to the backpacking trip, we did a couple of day hikes, including Cathedral Rock, Cathedral Wash, and Salt Water Wash.


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