Day 2

March 29, 2010

Kanab Creek to Indian Hollow


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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  9.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  950 feet

    Elevation Loss:  100 feet


Susan was no better this morning.  She was fine with staying by herself.  She had a camera with several lenses, a book, and a journal.  Susan said that she might want to move up into Flipoff in a day or two, if her knee felt any better.  Since we didn't know for sure if we would be retuning from up or down Kanab Creek, she was to leave a cairn with a note at the mouth of Flipoff if she had gone up that way.  If we were coming from up-canyon, and there was no note, we would hike down to her campsite to get her.  If she was still poorly, we figured we would have to hike out, drive to Kanab, and call for a helicopter rescue.  Susan didn't want to hear about a helicopter.  She had been on a mountain rescue team for years and said her injury was not life-threatening.  But if you can't get out of the Canyon, then it is.

So off we went, heading for Jumpup Canyon.  We turned up Jumpup and continued past the mouth of Indian Hollow to Kwagunt Hollow.  There we hiked up a gradual ramp heading south towards Indian Hollow.  After a climb of only a  hundred feet or so, the route leveled out and we were soon rounding the corner into Indian Hollow, about 150 feet above the canyon bottom.  We were now on top of the Redwall.  This route avoided Steck's Obstacle Pool, located about half a mile up from the mouth of Indian Hollow.  As we hiked along the Redwall, we stayed level while the canyon bottom continued to rise until we were level with it. 

Cottonwood Spring Area in Flipoff Canyon.

Hiking Up Jumpup Canyon.

Hiking Up Indian Hollow.

Once we reached the canyon bottom and started hiking up Indian Hollow, we began encountering flowing water, which lasted for most of the day.  Another spectacular well-watered Supai canyon!  We all took a swim in Steck's Over-Your-Head pool, just before the sun disappeared behind canyon walls.  We continued on to the side canyon that provides access to the Esplanade (and Racetrack Knoll).  It is the side canyon that branches around the point labeled 4515T on the topographic map.  There is great camping a few hundred yards farther up Indian Hollow.
Jumpup Canyon. Steck's Over-Your-Head Pool. Indian Hollow.

Indian Hollow. Indian Hollow. Our Camp in Indian Hollow.

The plan was to start out early the next morning and begin a two day hike around Fishtail Mesa, staying on the Esplanade. That evening, Bruce, Skip, and Jane decided that they would rather not do Fishtail Mesa, but would like some time to relax, and perhaps climb Racetrack Knoll.  So Bert, Marcey, Ben and I would start out early the next day, carrying only two lunches, one breakfast, and one dinner.  We would leave the rest of our food at camp.

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