Day 3

Day Hike to Phantom Canyon


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Today was a layover day.  After a very leisurely morning, we packed a lunch and headed up the North Kaibab trail to where Phantom Creek emerges from a narrow gorge on creek right.  It is about 3 miles round trip.  It was very warm and Brianna wanted to take a dip in the creek. 

Phantom Creek. Phantom Creek. Phantom Creek.

Although we couldn't get very far up Phantom Creek, we did find some nice pools.  While walking across some slippery rocks in the creek, Brianna slipped and gashed her shin on a sharp rock.  It was really pretty nasty.  We headed back to our camp where I put a bandage on it.  Brianna still has a small scar from it.  After dinner we played Mancala on a makeshift game board scratched onto the bottom of one of the storage containers in the campground.

Playing Mancala. Brianna With Bandage. Brianna.

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