Day 2

October 13, 2013

Tanner Trail to Cardenas Beach

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Today's route stats: 

    Distance:  6.0 miles

    Elevation Gain:  300 feet

    Elevation Loss:  3200 feet

Our objective for the day was to continue down the Tanner Trail to the Colorado River at Tanner Rapids, then hike down-canyon to Cardenas Beach.  The Escalante Route technically starts at Tanner Rapids.  We got a leisurely start because we expected today to be pretty easy.  We walked back to the Tanner Trail and began the tedious descent through the Redwall. 


Brianna on Tanner Trail Below Redwall. River Near Cardenas Beach. Cardenas Beach.

Although the hiking was easy, I always find the last mile as you approach Cardenas to be tedious as it winds its way through and around numerous gullies.   We took our time and arrived at Tanner Beach around 3:00, early enough for a quick dip in the River. 

Brianna on Cardenas Beach. Cardenas Beach Campsiste. River at Cardenas Beach.

The weather was perfect.  I elected to sleep outside the tent again while Brianna seems to like the feeling of security inside a tent.  There were numerous mice and one larger rodent that was very persistent.  Even though I used my food as a pillow, I spent a lot of time shooing away rodents during the night.  They managed to get into one food bag but didn't get any food.  This situation is typical for popular campsites, especially ones used by boaters. 

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