Day 6

November 2, 2012

75-Mile Creek Day Hike

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Today was a layover day.  The plan, for most of us, was to hike up 75-Mile Canyon as far as we could go.  We hoped that we just might be able to get to the Tanner Trail at 75-Mile Saddle.  I knew that Harvey Butchart mentioned a way to get down 75-Mile Canyon from Tanner by contouring along the top of the Redwall for a ways.  But we really didn't know anything else.

Day-Hike Up 75-Mile Canyon. Close to Redwall in 75-Mile Canyon. Redwall at End of 75-Mile Canyon.

We got a relatively late start today.   Figuring that we could be out hiking for the better part of the day, we all brought a couple quarts of water and lunch.  We hiked back up the quartzite narrows that we had hiked down yesterday.  Beyond the narrows the canyon opened up and the hiking was easy.  There were still numerous small obstacles to deal with.  The farther up we went, the steeper and more rugged the canyon became.  We passed a side canyon coming in from the right (creek left).  We wondered if this side canyon would get us to the top of the Redwall, but decided against hiking that way because we were still a considerable distance to the base of the Redwall at the end of 75-Mile Canyon. 

Looking Back Down 75-Mile Canyon. Short Downclimb in 75-Mile Canyon. Tonto Platform from 75-Mile Canyon.

The canyon became more difficult as we neared the Redwall, with lots of talus choking the canyon bottom.  We were close enough to see that if there was a route thru the Redwall at the end of the canyon, it was certainly not obvious.  The only possible way thru that looked possible was up the side canyon that we had passed earlier.  It looked like it would go, but it would have been a very long traverse on top of the Redwall to get to the Tanner Trail at 75-Mile Saddle.  I suspect that the route Harvey mentioned came down this side canyon.  We turned around and headed back to camp. 

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