Day 2

June, 1991

Layover Day at Dutton Point


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Because today was a layover day, we slept late and ate a leisurely breakfast.  I remember drinking coffee while sitting on the edge and  taking in the huge views.  In the morning we walked back to get one of the jugs of water that was left about a mile from camp.  Later in the day, I took off to explore a little bit around Dutton Point.  I also wanted to see whether one could easily access Cougar Spring, which looked like it was at the base of the Coconino Sandstone. 

While hiking around the plateau, we also came across several ancient ruins that looked like foundation walls.  There must have been more water when these ruins were built.

Fan Island


Masonic Temple & Fan Island



Retrieving Jug of Water. View Towards Muav Saddle. Masonic Temple in Foreground.


Hakatai Canyon and Fan Island. Looking Towards Cougar Spring. Foundation of Ancient Indian Ruins.


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